An attempt from a casual (wanna be hardcore) player to improve his game and help others as well who are stuck with low elo (aka elo hell) in the process.

I will be recording every single one of my game even if I lose badly and suck that game (that is the point right ? learn from mistakes). After every game I will go through the game summary and find out what I have done wrong.

League of Legends Diaries: Game 7 - Sivir

Boring parts are fast forwarded, only important parts are in slow motion.
Champion Distribution to Lanes
Middle: Annie vs. Caitlyn
Top:Sivir(me) vs. Garen
Bottom: Katarina + Wukong vs. Morgana +Tristana
Jungle:Gankplank vs. Udyr

Sivir Runes

League of Legends Diaries: Game 4 - Katarina - Normal Game - 20.04.2011(Lost)

Katarina Rune Page

Masteries: 9/0/21 Arhaic Knowledge.
Champion Distribution To Lanes:
-Katarina (me) and Shaco Bottom lane vs. Malphite and Xin Zhao.
-Annie middle lane vs. Malzahar.
-Caitlyn top lane vs. Blitzcrank and Irelia.
-Amumu jungle.

Game Summary: Soon

Lessons Learned: Soon

After Game Screenshot:
Game 4 - Items and Stats

League of Legends Diaries: Game 3 - Katarina - Normal Game - 18.04.2011(Won)


Katarina Rune Page

Masteries: 9/0/21 Arhaic Knowledge.

Champion Distribution To Lanes:
-Katarina (me) middle lane vs. Teemo.
-Rammus and Tryandamere vs. Nocturne and Tristana.
-Poppy and Nunu bottom lane vs. Brand and Rammus.

Game Summary:
02:53 - Teemo started playing too agressive and pushed me back to my tower while getting too much creep damage. Then he made a mistake and got hit by the tower. I saw the opportunity and ghosted right away. Followed him and finished him off. First Blood.
03:25 - Nunu killed Brand at bottom lane. So we got a good start.
05:32 - Nocturne killed Tryandamere and got killed by Rammus. Made a kill trade. score was 3-1.
06:24 - Tryandamere killed Tristana on top lane. It was going good for us.Then Tryandamere got killed by Nocturne.
07:49 - Another kill trade on bottom lane. Poppy got killed by Rammus. and Nunu killed Brand. The game still on balance.
09:23 - I saw Rammus rolling from top lane towards Teemo in mid . Then I charged in and killed Teemo and died to turret.
10:33 - I saw Rammus tower diving while Brand is overextending on bottom lane. So I went in the bush to gank. Cought Brand and killed him on sight.
11:30 - Meanwhile our top turret was pressured and fell.
13:33 - After a battle ov 2v2 in middle Tryandamere and Rammus died by killing Teemo.
14:38 - Our bottom  was pressured by 4 enemies. We were defending it with Rammus. Rammus caught Teemo off guard and taunted him into tower while I got got in ultied his ass to the ground. It was a good kill. 4vs2. Score was 12-11.
18:08 - Rammus and me trapped Brand in the bushes on top lane then took down enemy bottom tower.
18:41 - After an intense battle in enemy blue buff jungle area. We got them down. And things started to go better for us . Score was 17-13.
27:08 - We were exchanging kills all around the map. Score was 23-21. The game was still in balance.
27:34 - Teemo tried to catch Tryandamere off guard by teleporting to a minion behind him. I saw that and waited near the minion to unleash ulti. Then comboed him down to the ground. It was a good kill.
28:10 - We gathered in middle and took down 1st turret.
33:34 - I saw Nocturne in the middle alone and ganked him by ghosting in and killing him. Then my team came to help and we killed Rammus and Brand as well. We got an advantage over the game after that. Took down 2nd mid turret and aced them.
36:00 - Poppy made a super move and got Rammus nailed in the turret and we killed 2 of them. A must watch. Then we followed them to top lane and I finished off Brand and Nocturne. It was like game over. We had a big advantage over the map. Score was 38-35.
40:00 - TRIPLE KILL of the match. I was in middle 3 of our team was dead already. 1 vs.3  noone else was near to help me. I took the risk and shunpoed in ultied and finished Tristana ,Nocturne and Brand. A MUST WATCH. Everyone was like WTF :).
44:50 - We gathered up at Nashor to kill. they came after we killed Nashor. We aced them too bad. All of us were still alive when we aced them. Then its game over. We had baron buff + aced.

Lessons Learned: Since we won the match I did not pay really attention to my little mistakes. There was not a big mistake for me.

After Game Screenshot:

League of Legends Diaries: Game 2 - Shen - Ranked Game - 18.04.2011(Lost)


Masteries: 0/21/9

Champion Distribution To Lanes:
-Shen(me) and Ryze bottom lane vs. Sona and Irelia.
-Miss Fortune middle lane vs. Malzahar.
-Nasus and Kayle top lane vs. Sion and Rammus.

Game Summary:
02:21 - We started pressuring Irelia with Ryze.
03:02 - Our efforts paid back well and Ryze got first blood by killing Irelia.
04:30 - Irelia came back and charged at Ryze with Sona . It was unexpected on my side so Ryze got killed by Irelia. I retreated.I missclicked my teleport to a creep near Ryze in the process I failed big time there.
09:03 - Kayle decided to go afk for no reason. So I lost morale to go on. Kinda slacked after that.
10:32 - Our mid turret got destroyed while Miss Fortune trying to gank bottom lane.
12:10 - Ryze got killed on bottom lane. I retreated and Kayle was still afk or running around doing nothing.
13:06 - Our top turret got destroyed while Nasus was solo top lane and then retreated.
14:40 - Nasus disconnected from game never came back. This was the pretty much ending point of the game . No need to tell what happens after this. We got destroyed and surrendered.

After Game Screenshot:
Game 2 - Shen- After Game

Lessons learned : 
-I have to learn not to missclick when a fight starts. It is important .
-I also missed lots of taunts.

Feedback: I will add your comments as feedback here . So I am waiting for your comments.

League of Legends Diaries: Game 1 - Katarina - Normal Game - 17.04.2011(Won)


Katarina Rune page

Masteries:  9/0/21 Archaic Knowledge.

Champion Distribution to Lanes:
-Katarina (me) mid vs. Master Yi
-Warwick jungle.
-Nasus top solo vs Mordekaiser
-Gankplank and Janna bottom vs Lux and Nasus .
-Lee Sin jungle.

Game Summary:
01:50 - There was no action in the jungle at start of the game. So I waited for golems to spawn and pulled them for Warwick then went back to my lane.
02:30 - We were both farming creeps and waiting for an opportunity to kill each other as usual in the middle. No agressive start.
04:14 - Gankplank gets First Blood by killing Lux.
06:14 - Nasus killed Mordekaiser with Warwick ganking. So we started good and morale was high.
11:43 - We took down bottom tower with a score of 5-2 so everything was in our favor.
14:16 - We stole their red buff and ganked Lee Sin in the jungle.
14:46 - I was killing enemy golems top lane. Lee Sin tried to gank me but Janna and Gankplank was there so I got my first assist.
16:41 - Our top lane was getting ganked so I ghosted to top lane to counter gank. I ultied terribly so It was not a good gank. Score was 8-4.
17:57 - They pressured top tower and it was lost. We retreated.
20:00 - We trapped them near Dragon and killed 4 of them. I think this was the breaking point of the game. They lost morale. Score was 12-5.
21:00 - We took down middle turret.
24:00 - They were outleved so we pressured middle as hard as we can. We killed 3 of them in middle lane again. Took down 2nd middle turret.
27:00 - Then we pressured bottom lane and they could not stop it. After a little resistance we won the game by Surrender.

Lessons learned:
- Try to use ultimate abilities better.

Feedback: I can only see this from the eyes of a 1226 elo player. So I need your feedback. I am waiting your comments below.I will add your comment in this section.

After Game Screenshot: